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Publishing Industry Representative for NFP Boards of Directors *

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Our services are available only via referral.

Since 1989, our staff has worked with associations, NGOs, individuals, firms, and hundreds of
lawyers, judges, journalists, and other professionals all across this great land of ours, in conjunction with
excellent designers, indexers, editors, proofreaders, ebook specialists, and printers,
to produce profitable and award-winning titles in print and digital formats.



A Few of Our Clients and Projects

American Bar Association

The Legal Center (now Disability Law Colorado)


TCEDG (blog)

Ken Ackerman



Two Seas Media has two publications that are marketed and distributed by

A Better Congress: Change the Rules Change the Results, by Joseph Gibson

Bill of Rights Card


* "Governance and the Not-for-profit Publisher," by Joseph Esposito, October 24, 2011, The Scholarly Kitchen



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